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As a college student you have a lot on your plate. We’ve compiled a list of resources that Utah Valley University offers to connect you with the services you need.

Tutoring Services

College isn’t easy. Most of the time you can’t rely on your roommate at your UVU college apartment to help you with your chemistry homework. UVU offers these free services to help students succeed. If you struggle with studying in general, go visit Learning Strategies Support. If you’re studying ASL, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Russian, Spanish, or German you can get homework help or just practice your conversation skills at the Language Lab. Math isn’t your strongest subject? Go visit someone at the Math Lab who is strong in math and they’ll help you! The same goes for the writing center. If you don’t have them go through your final paper (it’s free!) then what are you doing?

Learning strategies support

Language lab

Math lab

Writing Center

Career Assistance

One of the biggest reasons you are studying and living in student housing by UVU is to launch a career in whatever it is you may study. Or maybe you know you want a college degree but you’re not sure what to do with it? Stop by the Career Development Center to meet with a counselor, learn new skills, and get connected with potential employers.

Career Development Center


This one is pretty simple. Is the pantry in your UVU college apartment empty? You’re not getting paid for a few more days? Don’t go hungry. Stop by the food pantry and they’ll supply you with some groceries no questions asked.

Food Pantry

Child Care

Being a parent shouldn’t hold you back from completing your degree. Daycare can be expensive, but leaving your child in your apartment is a no-go. Take them to the Wee Care Center, and get discounted childcare with your student ID.

Wee Care Center


Medical expenses can be daunting, especially as a poor student. You don’t have to choose between paying rent for your UVU student housing and paying to go to the doctor. UVU offers extremely affordable basic health visits and mental health therapy.

Student Health Services

-Basic visit: $10

-Mental health therapy: first visit free, subsequent visits $10

-Financial waivers are available

Keep these resources in mind if you’re ever in need. If you’re looking for housing, give Promenade Place a look!


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