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UVU Student Housing

Fun Things To Do In Orem Near Promenade Place

There are plenty of fun things going on at UVU, but sometimes you need a…
August 25, 2022
Student Housing in Orem
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Five Things You Shouldn’t Leave Behind When Hiking

One of the nice things about living in student housing in Orem is how close…
July 16, 2022
UVU College Apartment
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Awesome Resources To Take Advantage Of While Studying At UVU

As a college student you have a lot on your plate. We’ve compiled a list…
June 14, 2022
Utah Valley University housing
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Four Fun Activities For UVU Students To Do In Orem

Did you just move into UVU student housing? Do you think living in Orem is…
May 11, 2022
Promenade Place

Four Great Places To Eat Within 7 Minutes Of Promenade Place

As a college student, it’s basically your civic duty to try out the local food.…
April 13, 2022
UVU Student Housing

The Beginners Guide To Packing, Moving, & Unpacking

Are you finishing up your first year in UVU student housing? Or researching housing to…
March 7, 2022
off-Campus Housing by UVU

Finding The Best Off Campus Housing by Utah Valley University

Finding quality off campus housing by UVU is a breeze with the use of the…
February 24, 2022
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Say Yes to The Address Renewal Special – Expired

Renew your lease at Promenade Place at our discounted rate of $449! PLUS you'll get…
July 3, 2018

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