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As a college student, it’s basically your civic duty to try out the local food. If you’re living in Promenade Place, or any other student housing near UVU, here are some great eats that you’ve got to try out.

5 Star BBQ

5 Star BBQ is just a 2 minute drive from Promenade Place! This restaurant has always been family-owned and will have your mouth watering with their homestyle barbecue. 5 Star BBQ is located inside a house! Just off of Geneva Road, 5 Star BBQ is a large traditional family home that has been remodeled into a fun and cozy restaurant. Friday and Saturday nights at 6pm on the second floor, they have some fun live music. Only minutes away from the hustle and bustle of UVU apartments, you can enjoy a family style meal in one of Orem’s most iconic restaurants.

Thai Evergreen

Only 7 minutes away from Promenade Place and other UVU student housing, Thai Evergreen is an oriental noodle house with lots of different dishes to try. Their sweet sticky rice with mangoes is delectable. Thai Evergreen, and two other Thai restaurants in Utah, was founded and is owned by Thavone Mymala. He learned from his mother who had been a chef in Laos, so you can count on getting some authentic food from a local family owned restaurant.

Krispy Kreme

Donuts! Who doesn’t love donuts? Krispy Kreme is only 5 minutes away from Promenade place, not many people are lucky enough to live that close to a Krispy Kreme. You can definitely brag that your student housing near UVU is also near a Krispy Kreme. They are always doing different promotional offers, so keep your eyes open for when those come around.

Juan Pablo’s Bakery 5 minutes

Juan Pablo’s bakery is only 5 minutes away from Promenade Place, so when you’re craving dessert, drag your friends out of their student apartments by UVU and head to Juan Pablo’s. They make custom cakes for weddings, birthdays, quinceñeras, or whatever else you may want. They pride themselves in their fresh pastries that are made from scratch with zero preservatives.


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