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Hiking in Orem

Five Things You Shouldn’t Leave Behind When Hiking

By Special Offers

One of the nice things about living in student housing in Orem is how close you are to several hiking trails! If you haven’t already, take some time this summer to explore the beautiful area around you. Before you go, read through the checklist and make sure you’re prepared.

  • Water. This one should be a bit of a no brainer but you can never have too much water. Running out of water, especially in the heat, is miserable and potentially dangerous. Avoid this situation and fill up a large water bottle at your Provo student housing before you go anywhere. Read ahead to see if there are water refilling stations at the trail.
  • Snacks. While you’re hiking, you’re burning calories, and if you want to be able to finish your hike you need to replenish those calories by eating snacks.You can make something in your UVU off campus housing before you leave, or you can just buy some granola bars to take along. Protein, salty foods, and sweet foods are all important for keeping your energy up.
  • Good Shoes. Different shoes are good for different terrain. One thing all good hiking shoes need is traction. That rock face might seem easy and fun to climb, but when your shoes are slippery it immediately becomes a much scarier task. If you’re living in a UVU college apartment you can go over to the UVU Outdoor Adventure Center and borrow some proper gear.
  • A Camera. When you finally reach your destination, or even along the way, you’re going to want to take pictures. You need proof for your roommates that stayed at home in their UVU student housing that you actually reached the summit. You may even see a moose and want to take a picture. (Never approach a moose).
  • First Aid Kit. Bring some alcohol wipes, bandaids, and tweezers along with you for any cuts or splinters. Gauze or bandanas are light to carry and can be used for bigger wounds in an emergency.

If you’re still on the hunt for student housing in Orem to call your home base, we hope you’ll consider Promenade!

UVU College Library

Awesome Resources To Take Advantage Of While Studying At UVU

By Special Offers, Students

As a college student you have a lot on your plate. We’ve compiled a list of resources that Utah Valley University offers to connect you with the services you need.

Tutoring Services

College isn’t easy. Most of the time you can’t rely on your roommate at your UVU college apartment to help you with your chemistry homework. UVU offers these free services to help students succeed. If you struggle with studying in general, go visit Learning Strategies Support. If you’re studying ASL, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Russian, Spanish, or German you can get homework help or just practice your conversation skills at the Language Lab. Math isn’t your strongest subject? Go visit someone at the Math Lab who is strong in math and they’ll help you! The same goes for the writing center. If you don’t have them go through your final paper (it’s free!) then what are you doing?

Learning strategies support

Language lab

Math lab

Writing Center

Career Assistance

One of the biggest reasons you are studying and living in student housing by UVU is to launch a career in whatever it is you may study. Or maybe you know you want a college degree but you’re not sure what to do with it? Stop by the Career Development Center to meet with a counselor, learn new skills, and get connected with potential employers.

Career Development Center


This one is pretty simple. Is the pantry in your UVU college apartment empty? You’re not getting paid for a few more days? Don’t go hungry. Stop by the food pantry and they’ll supply you with some groceries no questions asked.

Food Pantry

Child Care

Being a parent shouldn’t hold you back from completing your degree. Daycare can be expensive, but leaving your child in your apartment is a no-go. Take them to the Wee Care Center, and get discounted childcare with your student ID.

Wee Care Center


Medical expenses can be daunting, especially as a poor student. You don’t have to choose between paying rent for your UVU student housing and paying to go to the doctor. UVU offers extremely affordable basic health visits and mental health therapy.

Student Health Services

-Basic visit: $10

-Mental health therapy: first visit free, subsequent visits $10

-Financial waivers are available

Keep these resources in mind if you’re ever in need. If you’re looking for housing, give Promenade Place a look!

UVU Skatepark

Four Fun Activities For UVU Students To Do In Orem

By Special Offers

Did you just move into UVU student housing? Do you think living in Orem is boring? Check out this article! We know it can sometimes be hard to entertain yourself and get out of the house, especially without spending tons of money. Here are some fun, and relatively cheap activities you can do right here in Orem.

Plaza Las Americas

Plaza Las Americas is an indoor swap meet. The swap meet is a great way to support local small businesses, plus you can get a great deal! You can find everything from speakers to clothing to amazing food there. It’s definitely something you need to experience at least once. Drag your friends out of their UVU apartment and go have some fun at Plaza Las Americas!

Scera Center For The Arts

Scera hosts concerts, musicals, outdoor movies, paint night, live theater, movie theater, ceramics classes, stained glass classes and more! It’s not far from Utah Valley University housing, so you’ve got to stop by to see a play or take a class. Scera Center For The Arts was founded in 1933, and is a non-profit dedicated to involving the community in the arts. Check out their website to see all of the different classes and shows you can attend all year long.

Orem Heritage Museum

Do you need to get out of your UVU apartment? The Orem Heritage Museum is located right next to Scera Center for the Arts on State Street. The museum has artifacts from WWI, WWII, and the Korean war. You can also learn about the history of early Orem pioneers, and how Orem came to be. The best part, if you’re a poor college student, admission to the Orem Heritage Museum is free!

Classic Skating

Are you looking to have a great night without going too far away from your student housing by UVU? Go skate the night away at Classic Skating! Classic is located just off of Orem state street, so not too far from any UVU apartments. They even have themed skate nights like Throwback Thursday, Freestyle Friday, and Disco Night. Classic also has giant bounce houses, an arcade, and laser tag. You can usually find coupons for Classic in that coupon calendar that comes in the mail.

If you’re just looking to live in Orem, but haven’t found the right UVU student apartments just yet, give Promenade Place a try! Promenade is right off Geneva Road giving you easy access to UVU campus and to the freeway so you can get where you want to go easily.

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