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Are you finishing up your first year in UVU student housing? Or researching housing to move into in the fall? You’ve come to the right place. Moving is a lot of work, and during your college years you’ll probably do it more than once; especially if you move home during the summers. So here we’ve made a beginners guide to help you figure it all out.

Make a plan. Planning ahead for your move will save you from staying up until 1 am trying to stuff your car before the move out deadline. Ask someone ahead of time to help you move. If you don’t have very much stuff you may be able to do it on your own, but no matter how strong you are, taking box after box from the third floor to the parking lot by yourself doesn’t work out super well. Try asking someone who doesn’t live in the same UVU student apartments as you, as they will likely be doing their own moving. Have a plan for your large awkward items; think about how you are going to pack it, and if it can be compacted to fit in a car or if you need a truck.

Be prepared. Being prepared isn’t just for boy scouts, it will help you out in all areas of life. Not being prepared to move in or out of student apartments by Utah Valley University can be a catastrophe. You need to know what size boxes you need and get those. Don’t get super large boxes that will be impossible to lift when filled up. Keep a sharpie around to label all of your boxes. Make sure you have plenty of packing tape; regular tape will not hold anything together. Newspaper or packing paper is important for protecting any dishes or fragile items you have. You will be glad you bought these supplies ahead of time, because the last minute on moving day is when all the students will be running to Walmart to buy the same thing.

Stay organized. Just as terrible as packing is, un packing when you’re at your new place can be rough. When packing up a box, put small items in zip lock bags so they don’t get lost. Keeping things in smaller containers, and packing those small containers into a box will make packing and unpacking so much easier. Keep similar items together, and label those boxes. You don’t want to pack a couple t-shirts with your frying pans, and you definitely don’t want to pack your cleaning supplies with your cereal. If you’re moving home for the summer and won’t need any of your school supplies, keep all of those in one box and don’t unpack it until you move back to UVU student housing in the fall.

Think about food. Try to use up most of your perishable food in the weeks ahead so that you don’t have to pack it or throw it away. If you have the space to pack your dry goods, it’s nice to have food at your new place and not have to buy a whole new pantry. If you have the space and want to bring your frozen and refrigerated items, have a cooler with ice ready so they stay cold during the drive. Make a plan of what you’re going to eat the first few days after you move. On moving day, you’ll probably want to get fast food. If you have some easy meals, keep all of the ingredients for those in the same box and unpack that one first when you move in.

If you’re looking for an awesome UVU student living experience in the fall, take a look at Promenade Place. Follow all of these tips, and moving will be a breeze. Let us know if any of these help you out!


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